Be a force
for Good .

Be Nice. Do Good.® is a movement to unite the tech community for positive impact.

Who we are

Be Nice. Do Good.® is a movement to unite the tech community for positive impact. We encourage action, giving good people the inspiration & resources needed to do good through tech and beyond.

What we believe

We believe in Equality. Humility. Transparency. Each Other. Most importantly, we believe we can always be and do a little better, together. 

Our Manifesto

We strive, however imperfectly, to uphold these best intentions every day.

  • 01

    Be Nice

    In a world where it’s cool to be critical, we choose empathy. We listen to understand and we respond with the intent of generosity. Even though it’s easier to frown than smile, we put in the extra effort to bring positivity and joy to our conversations. Call us naive, but we believe that happiness is contagious.

  • 02

    Do Good

    When there’s an opportunity to help, we help—like doing pro-bono work for a worthy cause, contributing to a nonprofit, using our platforms (however small) to raise awareness, or helping someone who’s physically in need. The world needs more doers. We want to do something about that.

  • 03

    Be Dependable

    We do what we say we’ll do. Between helping and not helping, we choose to help. When our friends, family, colleagues, and the wider world wonder if they can count on us, we do our best to make it a no-brainer before they even ask.

  • 04

    Do Your Best Work

    Generosity isn’t just a personality trait. It’s seen in everything we put out into the world, including the products of our talent. We only put our stamp on high-quality work that showcases the best of our abilities. If we’re to be dependable, our best work should be dependable, too.

  • 05

    Work for Good

    It takes a village to raise awareness, and a community to inspire change. We look for ways to contribute our skills to the causes that matter to us—through design, engineering, writing, project management, business development, or bringing top folks together to make something great.

  • 06

    Be Encouraging

    Everyone can use a vote of confidence when they’re against the ropes. We champion other people and their ideas, giving a pep talk or good advice when it’s needed. It takes motivation to keep being nice and doing good. We’re always at the ready with two thumbs up.

  • 07

    Be Active

    We don’t check the “was nice, did good” box and take it easy after that. We actively look for opportunities to help others through our talent, resources, and energy —because there’s always someone out there who needs our help, and we have a lot of help to give.

Thank You!

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Thank You!

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Thanks for participating in our first official Be Nice. Do Good® initiative! If you haven't already, please make sure to email us a screenshot or other proof of your $35+ charitable donation. Then your t-shirt can be on its way!

We are excited to see all the Good we accomplished this Tuesday and to partner with you again in the future. For more ways to be a force for Good, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

We’ll see you soon! 💚

—From the happy humans at Zaengle